ARCHETYPE GROUP - Khanh Hoa Water Supply & Sewerage


Nha Trang, Vietnam
750 km network / 85,000 customers

Funded by the French government, and costing 524.000€, the duration of the project is 15 months, and requires 2 permanent staff and 7 experts. Archetype Environment was given the following 3-step scope from the client: 1) Needs assessments, 2) Development, installation, training, and implementation, and 3) Asset management strategy, definition of renewal plans.
More than a common Geographic Information System (GIS) software, it’s the creation of a Geographic Intelligence System. This will improve the organisation of the water company to create a virtual circle around data management and provide decision-making support to prevent the repairs and renewals on the network rather than just performing them when a problem occurs. It also involves all the different departments of the company to make them work together and share information to improve everyone's daily job and the results in terms of data quality. Archetype Environment provided the GIS for the data acquisition and the corresponding training.