ARCHETYPE GROUP - Natmauk Executive Residence


Yangon, Myanmar
27,500 m² / 12.5 storeys / 116 units

Natmauk Executive Residence is the 30,000 m2 upcoming apartment building contains 116 apartments including 4 “floating- duplexes” and 3 luxurious penthouses on top in the center of Yangon, Myanmar. This twelve-floor project sits on approximately 3,000 m2 site lies amongst one of the greenest area of Yangon. While surrounded by many existing buildings, the height of the land compared to its neighborhood, Kandawgyi park on the South and Shwedagon pagoda not so far from the Northwest create the hidden gems of the city.

The project, based on the awareness of these values, focuses on maximizing views toward interesting points around while reducing the conflict against neighborhood. The project initially was split into two buildings, park- tower and lake- tower, which the former processes the greenery of surroundings while the later occupies a direct view of the Kandawgyi lake. These two towers connect to each other through floating duplexes on level 6 and 9, which create the bridge-like effect at the entrance. The playground with intersected ramp and stairs sits between two towers and separates to a vehicle transportation does nothing but brings up value of the project.

While not either among the tallest or imposing project in term of size, Natmauk executive residence will be the additional valuable gems to such a wonderful neighborhood.